Minutes AUAZ Board Meeting 4-15-18:

In attendance: Bill Smith President
Richelle Spielman Treasurer
Stephanie Nelson Secretary
Saja Lynn Central AZ Representative

  • Donna Combs, YM Chen and George Pan are off bank accounts and all other accounts.
  • Bill will take care of income taxes for 2017 through turbo-tax.
  • library meeting room availability for groups of up to 60. Central Phoenix library has temporary space at an other location. Meeting space is free at libraries. Reserve for the annual meeting. Possible dates for meeting June2, 23, 30. July 7, 14. Decide in next week.
  • Bill unavailable June 6-20.
  • Stephanie gone May 30-June 6
  • Saja gone July?
  • Discussion about 501c-6 application process and how it relates to the relationship with the state legislature. Also, the cost and time required to complete. Saja mentioned more than one person will be needed to work on it.
  • Newsletter for members and letter to all AZ state L.Acs covering updates and upcoming annual meeting.
  • Keep emails as they are set up by Saja on website.
  • Keep P.O. Box where it is at present time.
  • Discussion between Richelle, Bill and Stephanie about census and encouraging L.Ac.’s in our areas to participate.
  • Bio page for board members
  • Discussion between Bill, Richelle and Stephanie about the importance of inclusion of colleagues, politicians, and supporters of acupuncture in order to accomplish our goals on the government level. Sunrise/Sunset process in state legislature.
  • Stephanie writes newsletter for members and will work on reaching all L.Ac.’s in the state with an additional letter for annual meeting and interest in membership.


Minutes Association Meeting 3-11-18

Bill Smith

Richelle Speillman

Stephanie Nelson

Saja Lynn


First order discussed was the departure of George Pan as Treasurer and Donna Combs as President.

By-Laws state that Association Board members can re-appoint persons for abandoned positions.

Interim Bill Smith as President, Richelle Speillman Treasurer.

Bill and Richelle are looking into the transfer of all accounts and information pertaining to these positions.


Did AZSOMA transfer materials to AZAAMA?

Richelle will talk to State Board of Examiners about a contact person for each region.

Saja needs pictures of Association members for website with bio’s.  She is looking into Mailchimp and taking responsibility for website and facebook.  Richelle will be an admin on FB.  Richelle is looking into Paypal for the website.


A meeting is set for March 24, evening for current Assoc. board to converse with Lloyd Stellar, YM Chen and Reggie Stout about current status of Assoc. and advisory board.


Stephanie will draft a new newsletter shortly after that meeting keeping community up to date.

Stephanie will talk to Lloyd, YM and Reggie to set up March 24 meeting.


A paper letter will go out to all members about nominations for Assoc. board positions approximately

one month before voting.


Next Assoc. Board meeting April 15 12-2pm.


Open Letter

Dear Acupuncture Colleagues of Arizona,

You may be wondering who Acupuncturists United of Arizona is and why you’re receiving this newsletter.  What you formerly knew as the new AZAMAA (Arizona Asian Medicine and Acupuncture Association) has a new name.  Yes, this is the new association that was formed summer of 2017,  in order to nurture community amongst all Acupuncturists in AZ and to further and protect our profession.

We hope you find the new name easier to remember and motivational in supporting Acupuncture as the medicine we practice and the livelihood we depend on.  Above you’ll see a link to the new website and we invite you to visit, look around and consider membership if you haven’t already joined.

It’s been a few months since the first conference was held in Phoenix in September, which was a success thanks to all of the speakers and to everyone who attended.  The AUAZ Board is meeting monthly now to plan new events and to work on important issues such as revising our scope of practice through the state legislature, healing relationships in the Acupuncture Profession city and statewide, developing an easy to use website for members and creating paths of communication in order share ideas and find support.

Currently, AUAZ is the only Acupuncture association in Arizona and it was started with the purpose of providing the representation of the Acupuncture profession at the state level.  Many of us think that the AZ State Board of Examiners is an entity that exists to protect our profession but this is incorrect.  The AZ Board of Examiners are positions appointed by the Governor’s office to protect the public from unlicensed and unethical Acupuncture Practitioners.  They do not protect us, the Licensed Acupuncturist, from other professions, insurance companies or the public.  They do not lobby for our profession or look for opportunities to promote Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine or provide for its future.   The only way we have representation for ourselves is through us. The AUAZ Board is made up of L.Ac.’s who volunteer their time to serve the profession and all L.Ac.’s in AZ.  Members of AUAZ are L.Ac.’s who recognize the importance of professional representation and protection and whose membership fees help the association help them.  Membership is an action taken to protect the investment made in becoming a TCM practitioner.  It’s an action taken to preserve, promote and protect our livelihood.  

Without a professional association, especially at this time, we are an open-door to any other entity, professional or political, that sees the opportunity to declare our unprotected resources as their own, or desires to assert their dominion over us.  Independence is critical to what it takes to practice TCM however, it’s not an asset for the survival of our profession in the long term.  An intention of AUAZ is to move us all forward in unity, cooperation, forgiveness, professionalism, and prosperity.  Unity building gatherings are happening between groups of L.Ac.’s in Flagstaff, Tucson, and Phoenix.  Everyone is welcome and updates and events will be posted on  Acu United Facebook Page and at https://acuunited.org.   Let this newsletter be your invitation to join us.


Thanks for reading,

Stephanie Nelson L.Ac., Tucson

AUAZ Secretary


By the way, we are looking for someone to serve on the AUAZ board as the Southern AZ Representative.

And…for another reason to consider joining check out the video below.  It’s an idea who’s time has come.         

Thanks to Richelle Speilman L.Ac. Flagstaff AUAZ Northern Representative for sharing.





New Site Underway

As you can see our new association site is presently under renovation. please be patient as we make updates and get it finished!





Vote on the bylaws

  • Voted, passed, bylaws accepted.
  • Add quorum (odd #,less than full #, X amount of board members to vote.)
  • Remove “members at large.”

Discuss what our next steps need to be for the association

  • Donna filing for AZ corp commission
  • Change name to Acupuncturists United of AZ
  • com
  • org
  • acuunited@gmail.com
  • Website – membership section to publish meeting notes etc..
  • Stephanie will reach out to YM, Lloyd and other that have an issue with past progress of Association to update.
  • Need Regional Rep for Southern AZ. (Stephanie is currently both Secretary and Regional.)

Direction of the Association

  • Donna to FILE –  w/ closure of AZAMAA
  • Scope of Practice Goal

Committees (types) to Form

  • Scope of Practice
  • Membership
  • Events + CEU’s


  • Email blast w/ announcement w/ new name
  • Get together to design logo etc for the website

Meetings (scheduled dates and locations)

  • Board = Google hangout quarterly + annual conference
  • Next meeting in MARCH of 2018
  • Members (meet & greet/discuss issues)
  • Social Events

Vote on Saja Lynn as the Representative for Central Arizona

  • Done
  • In

Dr Mikio Sankey for a 2-day CEU course in Esoteric Acupuncture.

  • For 2 Day course
  • 15 CEU’s
  • Approx $5000 total
  • $1000 Airfare
  • Hotel etc..
  • Consider for 2019