Main Items 

  • New Tasks 
  • Bill will look in to City of Phoenix free services. 
  • Bill will request photo from AZ treasurers office meeting, Scan receipts for Richelle.
  • May 15th event at MacDonalds Ranch.
  • Bill / Saja will review and manage RSVP’s, speak later this week to arrange final details.
  • Email and Communications
  • Stephanie making in person contact with L.Ac.s in Tucson.
  • Richelle to draft general policy / response to individuals with questions to Stephanie’s communications and similar future communications.
  • Bill will contact individual in Tucson having trouble receiving email / electronic communications.
  • Need to draft new membership form, further discuss membership rates.
  • ASA
  • Richelle will begin making contact with ASA, start process.
  • Membership and Website
  • Saja will begin working on new online membership payment options. 


Main Items

  • New Tasks
  • Complete and Post Email 2019 Membership letter
  • Event at McDonalds Ranch
  • Move forward, set for 18 May | Obtain Quotes for Food | Plan Pricing | Produce Invitations both paper and electronic.
  • AZ State Treasurer Office visit 23APR2019, Stephanie and Bill will attend.
  • Stephanie and Bill will attend
  • Northern AZ Meeting 13APR2019
  • Richelle will attend and address questions.
  • Association Address
  • UPS Store is too expensive.
  • Bill to find new postoffice box, cancel UPS Store account + follow up, make appropriate address changes.

Meeting Minutes 24FEB2019

Main Items
Northern AZ Group Emails + Response
We will respond to questions that Alex has invited us to answer regarding factual inaccuracies. Possible post on website, possible visit to Northern AZ group, possible direct email to Alex, within 30 days.

Saja to distribute information on Attorney and legal services for representation in the future.

Four officers in attendance agree to move forward with the work and mission that AUAZ has started, passage of an updated Scope of Practice for AZ L.Ac’s.

Discussed “Young in profession vs Young in age” response from John and Richelle to Northern L.Ac. Group.

Member Letter
Stephanie finished letter, Bill will distribute last revision for final proofread + additions / subtractions no later than Wednesday 27FEB19.

Plan small member events / hangouts in local areas of any city (FLG/PHX/TUC) inviting small numbers of L.Ac.s, listen and discuss concerns and wishes, plans, observations on membership costs as well as how much members want to contribute.

Look into large event before summer at MacDonalds Ranch http://www.macdonaldsranch.com

Bill will travel to FLG/TUC as necessary.

No Sunrise/Sunset Process until at least 2020 legislative session.

501C6 Status
Richelle plans to file paperwork this week. IRS does not require line item analysis.

Bill/Richelle investigating / accounting for discrepancies in bank deposits of group between SEP2017 conference, resignation of former treasurer and Richelle’s election to Treasurer.

Visit to State Capitol and PIHMA
Bill has reached out to contacts at capitol to arrange – Tuesdays later in March look best, Bill will book date and advise.

PIHMA visit Currently scheduled for Monday 04MAR2019 at 4:30 PM.

Pharmacy Board Update
Herbal Manufacturers wrote letter in disagreement of Pharmacy Board. Pharmacy Board failed in their attempt to oversee herbal supplements. We now have more liberty to prescribe herbs.

Meeting Minutes 27JAN2019

27JAN2019 AUAZ ASSN Call
Main Items
SOP Status
Bill will send out talking points about SOP.

Saja and Stephanie to draft public statement letter to detail AUAZ’s mission regarding SOP and new AZ association.

Saja and Stephanie membership letter about sop and update.

Saja and Stephanie to reach out schools for membership, introduction and presentation of our group and goals.Saja and Bill will reach out to Catherine Neimeic.

Stephanie will email Dana and Joyce.

Richelle updated on process of application for 501c6 status, researching unaccounted for deposit in Feb of 2018.

Conferences and External Contacts
American Academy of Medical Acupuncture Conference Phoenix April 11-14 https://www.medicalacupuncture.org

Southwest Conference for Botanical Medicine 2019 March 29-31 https://www.botanicalmedicine.org

Saja and Bill talked about putting together a Phx social for L.Ac.s, small groups for coffee to discuss concerns, challenges.

AUAZ Board wish to meet with President of AZ Acupuncture Board Reno and discuss sunrise/sunset review.

Bill wrote and will mail a letter to contacts at capitol this week requesting a meeting.

Bill and Richelle talked with Alex Tan and Robert Abrahmson about AUAZ current status and the new association AMAAZ.

SOP survey results resulted in 16 responses. We will lean on Washington State and New Mexico State for reference to update AZ SOP.

AUAZ board members will get copies of each and redact what we don’t favor and share by end of this week. Email to Bill.

Meeting Minutes 26NOV2018

Call Notes
Main Items
Survey Results
15 responses, 2/3 of respondents choose the NM state SOP/Definition of practice while 1/3 chose the WA state scope. Issues of importance ranked as :
Point Injection / Laser / Dry Needling
Richelle will send out a more thorough synopsis, and we can use this to begin drafting our language for our legislative request.

Richelle is happy with the language drafted for the submission form. Bill will send Richelle a paper copy of the membership certification to include. If anyone has or can think of any other material that we can hand out as an association we can include those as well.
Richelle will send Bill a copy off the language to edit for grammar etc..

SOP / Definition of Practice
Bill will search the AZ legislative website for additional examples of language used / format for submission to use as a template. 

AZ Board
Richelle advised that the AZ Board of Acu Examiners will schedule meetings (with an association or reps) outside of the regular monthly board meeting. We will want to start planning this after the holidays, perhaps draft an short agenda of what we want to bring to them too introduce ourselves as a formal association, express our plans and desires and get their input on how / what steps to take to help move us forward.

Medical Board Meeting 14APR19
Sorry, my notes here were vague – they are looking for vendors but I did not get how that would include us. Saja or Richelle can you fill us in again?

Katherine Nemic Meeting
Stephanie had been working on this, Stephanie would you be able to follow up, see if you can nail something down?

Richelle has the name and contact info for the Lobbyist involved during the Dry Needling. Bill and Richelle to work on a possible meeting, general consult to give us an idea of what we need, what a lobbyist might cost etc..

Meeting Minutes 07OCT2018

Old Business
Officers and Reps Motioned and accepted Ballot results
Secretary – Stephanie Nelson
Treasurer – Richelle Speilman
Vice President – Saja Lynn
President – Bill Smith
Central AZ Rep – Dana Bairen
Southern AZ – Rep- Joyce Wong
Bill will update website.
Stephanie – Any other info needed to or from reps ?

Call Notes
Main Items
501C(6) Status – Richelle and Bill to follow up: Bill will reach out to NM assn, find out of they are a 501C6 or 501C3, ask for example of of wording copy describing income sources longterm.
Certifications : Saja will print + advise, Bill will mail out.
PIHMA Lobbyist: Reach out, can we discuss concerns we have, methods, steps etc.. Bill will reach out to Catherine Neimec’s Lobbyist: Jonathan Lindsay. Pete has contact info.
Survey Monkey for SOP: Richelle will create draft, use scopes / descriptions from Western states, NM, WA, maybe UT. Short survey asking membership what they want to see in a scope.
Protecting the Public will need to be a major theme in submission to sunR/sunS process. Bring up Opioid crisis, push TCM’s strengths and our desire to help.
Meeting with Catherine : Stephanie to follow up.

Legislature and L.Ac’s
Whats happening and in process at Legislature – How to find out:
House and Senate Health Committee Analyst
There should be an analyst House Health Committee one for Senate
Find out who they are and contact them – ask if we can speak with them, concerning legislation L.Ac’s and the State Board. Use legislature website.
? Active or upcoming statutes that apply to Acupuncture.
We want learn about the process, understand how it works.
Also bring up Opioid crisis, push TCM’s strengths and our desire to help.

Sit in on a Health Committee
When legislation in Session
Find out when Health Committee has a meeting.
Bill will Follow up, find these contacts and reach out.

Insurance Provider lobbyist
Contact Arizona Health Insurance payers Lobbyists.
Talk about how to ways to convince insurance payer to cover acupuncture / TCM.
Could they / Would they help with new SOP language / submission wording ?
Bill will follow up.
Example of Submission for SunR/SunS change
Arizona Naturopathic Medical Association SEPT 2017 Change Request
Example of Naturopaths association change request obtained from the AZ legislature website.
Useful to us in helping to prepare ours.
Attached separately in this email.
Next Meeting November
Bill will schedule for weeknight if possible, Sundays are problematic for Dana, plus it corners us all on a Sunday afternoon.
Everyone please advise if there is a weeknight that’s best.