Main Items

  • Tax Exempt Status

We have been given 501c6 status by the IRS. Bill received letter dated 23JUL2019, will scan and distribute. 

  • Website Subscriptions

Bill seeing memberships in our website showing that a number of memberships are Unprocessed. Saja advised that this doesn’t mean they have not been paid, rather are unprocessed as active/inactive. Richelle will run PayPal report for comparison. 

  • Membership + ASA membership + Annual Meeting

We will work to combine these interdependent items. Memberships will be due soon, as annual meeting will need to take place between now and December 2019. These will require: 

Strong Membership Push with Renewal Effort.

Renewals to be sent through PayPal with easy renewal option.

Renewal letter to membership list – mail and email.

Extend membership to annual meeting and have one renewal date annually.

Single membership price.

Final membership renewals + new memberships can determine forward path with ASA. 

Consider and plan annual meeting with membership event at Scottsdale McDonalds Ranch during November.

  • Newsletter 

Richelle will contact State Board for Interview.

Bill to Provide pics and info from May outing.

  • DOP Change Draft

Richelle will distribute latest document with DOP combined description from NM, WA language. Board will line-item DOP to determine items left in or out and be ready to discuss final draft at next meeting. Once ready plan to seek feedback from Catherine / PIHMA and other association. 

  • Mailbox Change

Bill confirmed that we will not renew mailbox at UPS Store on 28th Ave in Phoenix. We will obtain new mailbox in central Phoenix at USPS and end UPS store on 01SEP2019. This will require address change at AZ Corp Commission, Bank, Website, IRS etc..