Main Items 

  • New Tasks 
  • Bill will look in to City of Phoenix free services. 
  • Bill will request photo from AZ treasurers office meeting, Scan receipts for Richelle.
  • May 15th event at MacDonalds Ranch.
  • Bill / Saja will review and manage RSVP’s, speak later this week to arrange final details.
  • Email and Communications
  • Stephanie making in person contact with L.Ac.s in Tucson.
  • Richelle to draft general policy / response to individuals with questions to Stephanie’s communications and similar future communications.
  • Bill will contact individual in Tucson having trouble receiving email / electronic communications.
  • Need to draft new membership form, further discuss membership rates.
  • ASA
  • Richelle will begin making contact with ASA, start process.
  • Membership and Website
  • Saja will begin working on new online membership payment options. 

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