27JAN2019 AUAZ ASSN Call
Main Items
SOP Status
Bill will send out talking points about SOP.

Saja and Stephanie to draft public statement letter to detail AUAZ’s mission regarding SOP and new AZ association.

Saja and Stephanie membership letter about sop and update.

Saja and Stephanie to reach out schools for membership, introduction and presentation of our group and goals.Saja and Bill will reach out to Catherine Neimeic.

Stephanie will email Dana and Joyce.

Richelle updated on process of application for 501c6 status, researching unaccounted for deposit in Feb of 2018.

Conferences and External Contacts
American Academy of Medical Acupuncture Conference Phoenix April 11-14 https://www.medicalacupuncture.org

Southwest Conference for Botanical Medicine 2019 March 29-31 https://www.botanicalmedicine.org

Saja and Bill talked about putting together a Phx social for L.Ac.s, small groups for coffee to discuss concerns, challenges.

AUAZ Board wish to meet with President of AZ Acupuncture Board Reno and discuss sunrise/sunset review.

Bill wrote and will mail a letter to contacts at capitol this week requesting a meeting.

Bill and Richelle talked with Alex Tan and Robert Abrahmson about AUAZ current status and the new association AMAAZ.

SOP survey results resulted in 16 responses. We will lean on Washington State and New Mexico State for reference to update AZ SOP.

AUAZ board members will get copies of each and redact what we don’t favor and share by end of this week. Email to Bill.

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