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Northern AZ Group Emails + Response
We will respond to questions that Alex has invited us to answer regarding factual inaccuracies. Possible post on website, possible visit to Northern AZ group, possible direct email to Alex, within 30 days.

Saja to distribute information on Attorney and legal services for representation in the future.

Four officers in attendance agree to move forward with the work and mission that AUAZ has started, passage of an updated Scope of Practice for AZ L.Ac’s.

Discussed “Young in profession vs Young in age” response from John and Richelle to Northern L.Ac. Group.

Member Letter
Stephanie finished letter, Bill will distribute last revision for final proofread + additions / subtractions no later than Wednesday 27FEB19.

Plan small member events / hangouts in local areas of any city (FLG/PHX/TUC) inviting small numbers of L.Ac.s, listen and discuss concerns and wishes, plans, observations on membership costs as well as how much members want to contribute.

Look into large event before summer at MacDonalds Ranch http://www.macdonaldsranch.com

Bill will travel to FLG/TUC as necessary.

No Sunrise/Sunset Process until at least 2020 legislative session.

501C6 Status
Richelle plans to file paperwork this week. IRS does not require line item analysis.

Bill/Richelle investigating / accounting for discrepancies in bank deposits of group between SEP2017 conference, resignation of former treasurer and Richelle’s election to Treasurer.

Visit to State Capitol and PIHMA
Bill has reached out to contacts at capitol to arrange – Tuesdays later in March look best, Bill will book date and advise.

PIHMA visit Currently scheduled for Monday 04MAR2019 at 4:30 PM.

Pharmacy Board Update
Herbal Manufacturers wrote letter in disagreement of Pharmacy Board. Pharmacy Board failed in their attempt to oversee herbal supplements. We now have more liberty to prescribe herbs.

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