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Survey Results
15 responses, 2/3 of respondents choose the NM state SOP/Definition of practice while 1/3 chose the WA state scope. Issues of importance ranked as :
Point Injection / Laser / Dry Needling
Richelle will send out a more thorough synopsis, and we can use this to begin drafting our language for our legislative request.

Richelle is happy with the language drafted for the submission form. Bill will send Richelle a paper copy of the membership certification to include. If anyone has or can think of any other material that we can hand out as an association we can include those as well.
Richelle will send Bill a copy off the language to edit for grammar etc..

SOP / Definition of Practice
Bill will search the AZ legislative website for additional examples of language used / format for submission to use as a template. 

AZ Board
Richelle advised that the AZ Board of Acu Examiners will schedule meetings (with an association or reps) outside of the regular monthly board meeting. We will want to start planning this after the holidays, perhaps draft an short agenda of what we want to bring to them too introduce ourselves as a formal association, express our plans and desires and get their input on how / what steps to take to help move us forward.

Medical Board Meeting 14APR19
Sorry, my notes here were vague – they are looking for vendors but I did not get how that would include us. Saja or Richelle can you fill us in again?

Katherine Nemic Meeting
Stephanie had been working on this, Stephanie would you be able to follow up, see if you can nail something down?

Richelle has the name and contact info for the Lobbyist involved during the Dry Needling. Bill and Richelle to work on a possible meeting, general consult to give us an idea of what we need, what a lobbyist might cost etc..

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