Old Business
Officers and Reps Motioned and accepted Ballot results
Secretary – Stephanie Nelson
Treasurer – Richelle Speilman
Vice President – Saja Lynn
President – Bill Smith
Central AZ Rep – Dana Bairen
Southern AZ – Rep- Joyce Wong
Bill will update website.
Stephanie – Any other info needed to or from reps ?

Call Notes
Main Items
501C(6) Status – Richelle and Bill to follow up: Bill will reach out to NM assn, find out of they are a 501C6 or 501C3, ask for example of of wording copy describing income sources longterm.
Certifications : Saja will print + advise, Bill will mail out.
PIHMA Lobbyist: Reach out, can we discuss concerns we have, methods, steps etc.. Bill will reach out to Catherine Neimec’s Lobbyist: Jonathan Lindsay. Pete has contact info.
Survey Monkey for SOP: Richelle will create draft, use scopes / descriptions from Western states, NM, WA, maybe UT. Short survey asking membership what they want to see in a scope.
Protecting the Public will need to be a major theme in submission to sunR/sunS process. Bring up Opioid crisis, push TCM’s strengths and our desire to help.
Meeting with Catherine : Stephanie to follow up.

Legislature and L.Ac’s
Whats happening and in process at Legislature – How to find out:
House and Senate Health Committee Analyst
There should be an analyst House Health Committee one for Senate
Find out who they are and contact them – ask if we can speak with them, concerning legislation L.Ac’s and the State Board. Use legislature website.
? Active or upcoming statutes that apply to Acupuncture.
We want learn about the process, understand how it works.
Also bring up Opioid crisis, push TCM’s strengths and our desire to help.

Sit in on a Health Committee
When legislation in Session
Find out when Health Committee has a meeting.
Bill will Follow up, find these contacts and reach out.

Insurance Provider lobbyist
Contact Arizona Health Insurance payers Lobbyists.
Talk about how to ways to convince insurance payer to cover acupuncture / TCM.
Could they / Would they help with new SOP language / submission wording ?
Bill will follow up.
Example of Submission for SunR/SunS change
Arizona Naturopathic Medical Association SEPT 2017 Change Request
Example of Naturopaths association change request obtained from the AZ legislature website.
Useful to us in helping to prepare ours.
Attached separately in this email.
Next Meeting November
Bill will schedule for weeknight if possible, Sundays are problematic for Dana, plus it corners us all on a Sunday afternoon.
Everyone please advise if there is a weeknight that’s best.

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