Meeting Minutes AUAZ June 22, 2018


In attendance:

Bill Smith

Saja Lynn

Richelle Spielman

Stephanie Nelson


Re: meeting before annual Meeting on August 5 at 2pm Mesquite Library Phoenix


Bill to invite Pete Gonzales.

Saja to invite Catherine Niemic.

Saja has recently talked with Catherine Niemic about cooperation between AUAZ and PIHMA/Catherine Niemic.

Bring forms to annual meeting:   Membership, Ballots and Agenda

Provide Paypal for new member payments at meeting

Agenda:  Bill to talk about scope of practice in AZ

   Richelle to give latest need to know national news re: sops/legislature

   Saja to talk about what we’ve accomplished in last year

   Stephanie talk about committees: Membership, Events, Fundraising

Stephanie will reach out to people in Tucson as reminder

Richelle reach out to Northern L.Ac.’s as reminder

Bill check with library about bringing in water

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