Minutes AUAZ Board Meeting June 24, 2018
Bill Smith
Richelle Spielman
Saja Lynn
Stephanie Nelson

  • Return membership fee to Juan/Sherry Tejada. At this time Bill has not located record of payment in
    files he has but is continuing to look
  • Talk about how members might not be getting announcements and how to transfer membership list to
    email server instead of use mail chimp. Saja reports 71% emails sent on mailchimp were opened.
  • Set date for Annual Membership Meeting. To be held August 5 at Mesquite Library Phoenix, AZ.
  • Bill has paid for the room
  • Stephanie wrote the invite letter to members for Annual meeting and board member vote ballots. Send
    to Saja to print and snail mail with Bill. All other AZ L.Ac.’s will receive an email invite.
  • Stephanie will work on email invites
  • Board members send Saja short Bio to send out with the invite
  • Saja will make Membership Certificate (required for 501c6 approval)
  • Bill and Richelle looking into and working on 501c6 paperwork
  • Richelle to talk to Alex Tan about Northern Rep position and her friend from Sedona for CEU/EVENT
  • Next Board Meeting July 22 12-2 2018


Meeting Minutes AUAZ June 22, 2018


In attendance:

Bill Smith

Saja Lynn

Richelle Spielman

Stephanie Nelson


Re: meeting before annual Meeting on August 5 at 2pm Mesquite Library Phoenix


Bill to invite Pete Gonzales.

Saja to invite Catherine Niemic.

Saja has recently talked with Catherine Niemic about cooperation between AUAZ and PIHMA/Catherine Niemic.

Bring forms to annual meeting:   Membership, Ballots and Agenda

Provide Paypal for new member payments at meeting

Agenda:  Bill to talk about scope of practice in AZ

   Richelle to give latest need to know national news re: sops/legislature

   Saja to talk about what we’ve accomplished in last year

   Stephanie talk about committees: Membership, Events, Fundraising

Stephanie will reach out to people in Tucson as reminder

Richelle reach out to Northern L.Ac.’s as reminder

Bill check with library about bringing in water