Minutes AUAZ Board Meeting 4-15-18:

In attendance: Bill Smith President
Richelle Spielman Treasurer
Stephanie Nelson Secretary
Saja Lynn Central AZ Representative

  • Donna Combs, YM Chen and George Pan are off bank accounts and all other accounts.
  • Bill will take care of income taxes for 2017 through turbo-tax.
  • library meeting room availability for groups of up to 60. Central Phoenix library has temporary space at an other location. Meeting space is free at libraries. Reserve for the annual meeting. Possible dates for meeting June2, 23, 30. July 7, 14. Decide in next week.
  • Bill unavailable June 6-20.
  • Stephanie gone May 30-June 6
  • Saja gone July?
  • Discussion about 501c-6 application process and how it relates to the relationship with the state legislature. Also, the cost and time required to complete. Saja mentioned more than one person will be needed to work on it.
  • Newsletter for members and letter to all AZ state L.Acs covering updates and upcoming annual meeting.
  • Keep emails as they are set up by Saja on website.
  • Keep P.O. Box where it is at present time.
  • Discussion between Richelle, Bill and Stephanie about census and encouraging L.Ac.’s in our areas to participate.
  • Bio page for board members
  • Discussion between Bill, Richelle and Stephanie about the importance of inclusion of colleagues, politicians, and supporters of acupuncture in order to accomplish our goals on the government level. Sunrise/Sunset process in state legislature.
  • Stephanie writes newsletter for members and will work on reaching all L.Ac.’s in the state with an additional letter for annual meeting and interest in membership.