Minutes Association Meeting 3-11-18

Bill Smith

Richelle Speillman

Stephanie Nelson

Saja Lynn


First order discussed was the departure of George Pan as Treasurer and Donna Combs as President.

By-Laws state that Association Board members can re-appoint persons for abandoned positions.

Interim Bill Smith as President, Richelle Speillman Treasurer.

Bill and Richelle are looking into the transfer of all accounts and information pertaining to these positions.


Did AZSOMA transfer materials to AZAAMA?

Richelle will talk to State Board of Examiners about a contact person for each region.

Saja needs pictures of Association members for website with bio’s.  She is looking into Mailchimp and taking responsibility for website and facebook.  Richelle will be an admin on FB.  Richelle is looking into Paypal for the website.


A meeting is set for March 24, evening for current Assoc. board to converse with Lloyd Stellar, YM Chen and Reggie Stout about current status of Assoc. and advisory board.


Stephanie will draft a new newsletter shortly after that meeting keeping community up to date.

Stephanie will talk to Lloyd, YM and Reggie to set up March 24 meeting.


A paper letter will go out to all members about nominations for Assoc. board positions approximately

one month before voting.


Next Assoc. Board meeting April 15 12-2pm.